National Household Targeting System for Proverty Reduction

Facts and Figures
30 out of 100 Filipino
families has income
short of the minimum
cost of satisfying the
basic requirements

This means that of 100 Filipino
families, 30 of them are living
in slums, or makeshift houses
of indigenous materials, do
not have access to clean
water, are unable to send
their children to school, and are
generally denied of other essential
services including hospitals.

And out of the 30 families,
24 do not have enough
food to eat

24 out of 100 Filipino
families do not earn to
meet basic food and
non-food requirements.
Based on the 2003 released
statistics of the National Statistical
Coordination Board (NSCB)

What is NHTS-PR?
The NHTS-PR is a data bank
and an information management
system that identifies who
and where the poor are.
The system will guarantee the
generation and establishment of
a socio-economic database of
poor households.